Kids Western Belts

The kids are always adorable and dressing them up with the right kind of attire raises their cuteness quotient even more. Here we have some charming western belts that you can select for your toddler. You can pair them up with the small little western outfits that are available for them, which will make them look super adorable. The belts come in beautiful leather patterns which are no less charming than the adult western belts. They also come with striking buckles that are carved with intriguing designs of rodeo, bulls and various other patterns.

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Mens Brown Dress Belt

The men’s brown dress belt is one of the most sophisticated wardrobe accessories that you could have for yourself. The elegant finish of the belt looks charming with formal as well as casual wear. The belt comes in tan, dark brown and copper brown. These classic styled brown leather belts, with an attractive shiny coat, are a superb choice for any attire, especially the office wear.

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Vintage Belt Buckles

The Vintage belt buckles come in designs that will remind you of the rich history. The traditional designs are carved beautifully on metal and brass belt buckles which look incredibly attractive, some depicting famous events of the past. The belt buckles have embedded carvings of old motor vehicles, reminding us of the classic era. They also have embossment of a bull rider, exorcists, and simplistic pictorial designs. They look brilliantly well with black and brown leather belts.

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Texas Belt Buckle

Texas is a beautiful state of the USA which reminds you of the old west with its semi-arid terrain and rustic environment. It is a place where you will still feel the cowboy culture prevailing in the most beautiful way. The Texans are proud of their state since it has a blend of both modern outlooks with a traditional touch. The Texas belt buckle would be a great thing to flaunt, as it will give you a chance to show your love for the state and an essence of style. The belt buckles come in amazing designs with embossed Texas bull logo with horns along with Texas map made in monochromatic and rustic brass finish. The Texas star belt buckle is incredibly attractive which is also the sign of the Texas flag.

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George Strait Belt Buckle

If you love countryside music, then you must know the name of George Strait. He is a Grammy award winner and his songs charted on the top of Billboard. For the fans of George Strait having a belt with his name will be a sheer delight. The buckles, made of silver and hand engraved to represent each cut and swirl, are true works of art. Whether you are a fan of George Strait or participating in the annual Team Roping Competition, these George Strait belt buckles will help tighten up your impression. Continue reading George Strait Belt Buckle

Assassin’s Creed Belt Buckle

The Assassin’s Creed is a world famous action-adventure video game that has made its way to the silver screen as well with enormous success. Like the game, its attire has also gained popularity. The Assassin insignia appears like a hood, a sign of secrecy. The belt buckle of Assassin Creed is immensely popular as it comes in various designs and patterns right from monochromatic finish to gold plated designs studded with stones. They also come in original hollow design in the middle with the black background and metallic body.

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Leather Money Belt

The leather money belt might look to you like any usual leather belt that you are wearing but here is the catch. The belt is equipped with a hidden small pocket in the belt strap in which you can keep your money hidden, and no one will even come to know about it. It is a safe option if you come across any mugger and he tries to steal money from you as he won’t even think in his wildest dream that money is concealed in the belt. For added safety, there is a zip chain that keeps the money locked inside. It is also stylish as the belt comes in trendy designs with color options like black and brown.

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Leather Tool Belt

The leather tool belt is the perfect companion for people whose job always requires the use of tools. Be it construction workers, electricians, or mechanics, craftsmen and artists can easily tuck in their useful instruments in the pockets of the tool belt and work with ease. Just strap it around the waist, and you are off to work with all your tools. The leather tool belt comes in black, brown, pink and tan colors with different designs, patterns, and multi-pocket options.

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Brown Utility Belt

Utility belts are very useful for the people who work on sites and thus need to keep a lot of tools handy. The utility belt helps them to keep their stuff with them in large pockets attached with the belts. The bag-like pockets are also useful for the travelers as they can keep their cell phones, camera, wallet without any problem. The leather brown utility belt, designed in a stylish way, can be an ideal gift item too for anyone who loves to travel.

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Western Gun Belts

The old west was the land of gunslingers where carrying a gun was a symbol manhood, and any dispute was settled by the bullet.  So naturally, you would need a belt in which you can carry your gun easily. Western gun belts come with gun pockets in which you can tuck in your revolvers and draw it quickly before your opponent can reach for his gun. The belt is equipped with loops that can accommodate bullets so you can reload easily. It usually comes in brown color with attractive designs. Some has two gun pouches, one at each end of the belt.

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Blue Leather Belt

We are all habituated to see leather belt either in black or tan color, but little did you know that they look splendid in blue color as well. The blue leather belts look fantastic emitting a light pleasing luster. They also come in textured patterns as well as in mat finish. The belts appear great with regular and the automatic belt buckle. Blue belts look stylishly elegant when worn with formal trousers.

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Leather Gun Belt

The leather gun belt, an unbelievably stylish belt to wear due to its rough texture and designer finish, is a perfect accessory for both formal and casual wear. The stitched design on the belt gives it a touch of masculinity. Moreover, you can choose from the single loop or the double loop buckle design. It comes in tan, brown and black color. In some of the designs, you will find an additional gun pocket, which can be useful in case you want to keep a gun with you. Continue reading Leather Gun Belt

White Leather Belt

White leather belts look quite classy in every aspect. They appear elegantly charming provided you wear them with the right kind of attire. Both men and women can wear the White leather belt. The men’s white leather belt is slightly broader as compared to the women’s belt, which is a bit sleek. They look beautiful with wedding attire, especially with a white tuxedo suit and women can fasten this stylish belt around their frock or denim jeans. To give it a lovely finish, you can accessorize it with a chrome or gold plated buckle. Continue reading White Leather Belt

Black Western Belt

The black western belt is the manliest thing you can wear because of its rugged masculine design. The leather belt strap is designed in such a way that it appears someone has chiseled a beautiful carving on it. The belt looks magnificent with studded metal carvings and designer buckle. The black western belt goes well with a cowboy costume and denim. Continue reading Black Western Belt

Brown Leather Belt

Brown leather belt has always been a fad among the people, and there is nothing classier than wearing it. The color is such that it goes perfectly well with every attire. Be it formal, cocktail or casual dressing, it is suitable for all. They come in different designs and patterns for both men and women. Whether it is a bit dark or light, the brown leather belt with its enigmatic designs always attracts people towards it. Add charm to your wardrobe and look extremely stylish by clubbing your brown leather belt with a chromatic or brass buckle. Continue reading Brown Leather Belt

Black Utility Belt

Utility belts are real handy when it comes to carrying different things while working or walking. An electrician or plumber can keep their tools, a painter can keep his brushes and colors, and a traveler can keep his money and camera in its pouches. The utility pouches free you from the mess of carrying a bag, and you can keep your everyday essential items in them. The black utility belt comes in both fabrics as well as leather material.  The multiple pouches attached to it make it very convenient for the user to use and keep their things. The interlocking buckle is an excellent addition to the belt that makes it quite easy to wear. Continue reading Black Utility Belt

Black Leather Belt

Black is a fascinating color for all. It is the purest color with a mysterious essence of its own. Every individual has some dark fantasies hidden in them, and the color black symbolizes it in an elegant way.  The black leather belt is the first choice for men and women because it can easily be paired with both casual and formal attire. Combined with graceful metallic belt buckles, its charm elevates even more that the eyeballs will notice without fail. It is a perfect combination of style, passion, and grace. Continue reading Black Leather Belt

Civil War Belt Buckles

The Civil War belt buckle reminds us the bloodiest battle ever fought in the American history between the confederates and the union face secessionists from 1861 to 1865. The death toll in this war was even higher than the American soldiers killed in World War I and II combined. These buckles come in a brassy finish, offering a typical rugged and dull look. They also have the symbols of the confederates and union states embossed on them. Choose your side and show respect by donning the belt buckle. Continue reading Civil War Belt Buckles

Star Wars Belt Buckle

Star Wars fans require no introduction to explain how fantastic the Star Wars series is. If you are a diehard lover of Star Wars, then you cannot simply resist the Star Wars belts. Suitable for men of all ages, the Star Wars buckle belts come in embossed Sar Wars logo with chrome or golden finish. Some popular accessories like the Darth Vader, starship, or clone trooper themed buckles would certainly compliment your Star Wars Halloween costume this season. Continue reading Star Wars Belt Buckle