Circle Belt Buckle

Circle belt buckles, in particular, are not much in use as compared to the conventional rectangular or other designer belt buckles. But that does not mean they are not stylish. While they look beautiful when teamed up with leather or fabric belts, some designs are suitable for men and women alike. These circular buckles come in a chromatic or golden finish that matches the texture of leather belts. The circle belt buckles, if worn with a sophisticated outfit, would offer an elegant look and reflect your true personality. Continue reading Circle Belt Buckle

PBR Belt Buckles

For the bull riding lovers, PBR should not be an unknown name. Professional Bull Riders is an international organization for professional bull riding situated in Pueblo, Colorado. It provides wholesome entertainment with its professional bull riding events and has millions of fans across the world. For the fans, owning a PBR belt buckle is an incredibly exciting thing. They come in various patterns, mostly in monochrome designs studded with PBR logo along with its symbolic bull. These buckles also come embellished with a golden bull that matches perfectly with cowboy outfits or denim. Continue reading PBR Belt Buckles

Bull Riding Belt Buckles

Bull riding is the most favorite sport of the old west where rodeos mount the bull and try to stay on it for a short duration of 8 to 10 seconds to qualify and to win the big prize. As a fascinating game played in many South American nations as well as in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, bull riding enthusiasts will love the chance to wear a bull riding buckled belt. These buckles come in various designs embossed on a metallic and golden finish. There is also a championship belt design which will make you feel like a pro after wearing it. Both men and women can wear these incredibly stylish belt buckles. Continue reading Bull Riding Belt Buckles

Eagle Belt Buckle

Eagle, one of the most magnificent birds, is known for its majestic wingspan and powerful claws that can rip apart its prey in pieces. This king of the sky can take a flight high in the sky, locating the prey with pristine accuracy and then killing it with deadly power. Eagles have been kept as birds by the great kings and emperors in the past as it symbolizes supreme strength and royalty with its sharp, intimidating looks. Like the bird, there are many lovers of eagle belt buckles as well. These finely crafted metallic belt buckles with chrome or golden finish show the incredible strength of this bird which looks majestic when worn with denim or ripped jeans. Continue reading Eagle Belt Buckle

Nazi Belt Buckle

World War II is not complete without mentioning about the Nazis since they were the genesis of the apocalyptic event that drove the entire world into war. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party took control of the military and went on a conquering spree almost eliminating everything in its path. The Nazi symbol of the reverse swastika became the symbol of World War II. Though a sign of brutal past, Nazi belts also symbolize undisputed power with authority. These belts come in a rustic metallic finish that reminds us of the days of battle. A swastika with an eagle displays supremacy and wearer of the belt might not be brutal but surely feel authoritative. Continue reading Nazi Belt Buckle

Turquoise Belt Buckle

Turquoise, a lovely bluish-green mineral gem with a pleasant light lustrous structure, is typically used in making jewelry. Ornaments studded with turquoise look fabulous due to its beautiful hue that appears soothing to the eyes. Now, this magnificent gem has also been embossed on belt buckles. Turquoise belt buckles come in mesmerizing designs, which will surely raise your temptation to have it. They are studded in chromatic buckles in flowery patterns, be it one large piece or multiple small embellishments that look just stunning. Both men and women use turquoise buckles which enhance their fashion statement. Continue reading Turquoise Belt Buckle

Superman Belt Buckle

Everybody likes the man of steel, the last son of Krypton. His power, his speed, and his looks are the things that every man craves for. The most desired ability is to fly like him. We can’t be like Superman, but at least we can have something that he owns, his logo. Superman belt for men comes in various kinds of forms and designs. They come in not just signature red and yellow badge-like buckles but also a full chrome finish. These buckles go well with leather belts and should be worn with casual outfits rather than the formal ones. Continue reading Superman Belt Buckle

Automatic Belt Buckle

The automatic buckle is the trendiest and the most convenient belt buckle style for men. The easy-to-wear buckle excludes the problem of punching your belt for loopholes. It works on the track line, which functions like an interlock railing system that holds the belt around your waist. The buckle has a spring-like mechanism with a button that fastens the belt and releases it when pressed down. They look extremely classy with leather belts, and their monochromatic finish with designer patterns give you an incredibly charismatic appearance. Continue reading Automatic Belt Buckle